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Staff : Listing

Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.
Name Email Phone
Lindsay Allen unavailable
Amelia Bachtiar unavailable
Kelli Bagley unavailable
Justin Berens unavailable
Renata Berto unavailable
Tim Borillo unavailable
Derek Brendel unavailable
Gioconda Brunetti unavailable
Carlos Burgos unavailable
Guadalupe Burgos unavailable
Julia Campagna unavailable
Bianca Chau unavailable
Cristina Marie Cruz unavailable
Paige Curtis unavailable
Meredith D'Angelo unavailable
Jill D'Errico unavailable
Melody Mai Day unavailable
Jack Desany unavailable
Linda Dews unavailable
Denise Dimon unavailable
Sakiba Dzelil unavailable
Saviz Fallahian unavailable
Jessica Katharine Forrester unavailable
Ana Cecilia Fuentes unavailable
Shelby Gunter unavailable
Leslie Hammann unavailable
Kajsa Hendrickson unavailable
Steffanie Hoie unavailable
Lois Chandler Howland unavailable
Ahmed Khan unavailable
Mohammed Khan unavailable
Mark Landon unavailable
Danielle Levanetz unavailable
John Loggins unavailable
Jessica Lopez unavailable
Charles Mansour unavailable
Peter Maribei unavailable
Juliette Martichoux unavailable
Christian Meheula unavailable
Mora Meter unavailable
Lori Mossuto unavailable
Hema Muthu unavailable
Gabriela Navarro unavailable
Christine Nguyen unavailable
Catharina Nilsson unavailable
Trisha Patel unavailable
Alicia Pena unavailable
Manda Sayegh unavailable
Paula Schmid unavailable
Gabriella Schram unavailable
Haley Shumaker unavailable
Maria Silva unavailable
Lorena Silvas unavailable
Tamae Sugiura unavailable
Jenna Tantillo unavailable
Alana Thomas unavailable
Andrew Tirrell unavailable
Maria Torres-Johansen unavailable
Paloma Wiethorn Kochan unavailable
Miranda Williamson unavailable
Deanna Wolf unavailable
Amanda Womack unavailable
Name Email Phone
Dr. Kira Espiritu (619) 260-4598
Assistant Director
Name Email Phone
Jessica Calhoun (619) 260-7766
Name Email Phone
Allison Howitt (619) 260-4598