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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Program Cost Budget Sheet for Spain: Madrid - USD Madrid Program (Semester).

Program Cost Budget Sheet for Spain: Madrid - USD Madrid Program (Semester)
Program Cost Budget Sheet for Spain: Madrid - USD Madrid Program (Semester)
Budget Item Cost per student
Non-Refundable Application Fee *   $100.00
Program Fee *   $4,800.00
Tuition *   $25,225.00
Billable subtotal:  $30,125.00
Total: $30,125.00
Upon submission of an application, the student agrees to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 application fee. This will be billed via USD Student Accounts and should be paid directly to USD. This amount is charged regardless of any application fees paid directly to a host university or program provider.

Tuition (12-18 units) is paid directly to USD. Students will be billed via USD Student Accounts. Tuition payment is due in full 10 days prior to the program start date.  

The program fee is paid directly to USD and students are billed via USD Student Accounts.  The program fee includes:
  • Accommodations with home stay family or residence hall ($800 supplemental fee for residence hall)
  • The home stay family option includes 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner)
  • Travel Seminar (Hotels, transportation, tours, breakfast)
  • Abono transporte identification card (note: students are responsible for purchasing an actual transportation pass on-site in Madrid)
  • Administrative support from USD Madrid Staff 
NOTE: The USD Madrid Program will assess an additional fee for home stay students who have certain dietary preferences/restrictions. Also, there is a supplemental fee for students selecting the residence hall.  For more information on this fee, please contact Derek Brendel (

All students participating in the Madrid program are covered by both Mapfre and ACE/EuropAssist international insurance.  Mapfre is a local Spanish insurance provider and is the most well-known and widely used insurance amongst Spanish citizens.  Students will use Mapfre as their primary insurance (doctor visits, prescriptions, lab tests, specialists, etc.).  For a list of physicians in the Madrid area who accept Mapfre insurance, please contact Program Manager, Lupe Burgos, at Students will also receive instructions on how to use this insurance at the orientation in Madrid. There is no out-of-pocket fees upon the receipt of care.  

Additionally, students going to Madrid will be covered by ACE/EuropAssist international insurance. This insurance is used in cases where Mapfre may not provide coverage.  In cases of non-emergencies, this insurance functions through reimbursement and students are encouraged to save all receipts for reconciling expenses upon return to the US.  In cases of medical emergencies, the students will not need to pay for expenses up front; ACE/EuropAssist works directly with the on-site hospital to ensure a guarantee of payment is made to the hospital.  ACE/EuropAssist also covers emergency/medical evacuation and repatriation.

The following items are estimates of additional expenses and should be used as a general reference point for planning purposes only.  These additional expenses could vary greatly depending on the individual student's spending habits, restaurant choices, personal shopping, additional weekend travel plans, etc.

Additional Meals:  $1000 - 1200
Personal Expenses:  $2500
Roundtrip Airfare:  $1200 - 1500
Personal Travel: $1300 - 2000 (Transportation "Abono" Card: $40-60 per month)
Visa Fee: $160
*Students are required to appear in person at the Spanish Consulate General which has jurisdiction over their permanent residence. Depending on the student's proximity to the Consulate General, it is possible the student will incur considerable travel expenses in pursuit of her/his student visa. All students are able to appear at the Los Angeles Spanish Consulate General because USD may count as a permanent address.

Total: $6140-7340

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* Billable item