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France: Paris - Arts & Sciences Program (Summer)
Paris, France (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Summer
This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:
There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Fact Sheet:
Language Requirement: varies GPA: good academic standing
Professor(s): Dr. Duncan McCosker, Dr. Jonathan Bowman, Dr. Lawrence Hinman, Dr. Michele Magnin Disciplines offered: Communications, Core, French, Visual Art
Accomodations: Host families, Residence halls, Shared apartments off-campus Prerequisite(s): varies
Program Advisor: Ali Droster - Tuition Remission Eligible Program: Yes
Program Description:

Original Application Deadline : February 19, 2014

Extended Application Deadline : March 19, 2014





Arts & Sciences

Summer Program



Paris, "The City of Light" draped in history, tradition, culture, and glamour, has long been a center of academia. The Seine River has long been a source of the city's economic, political, and artistic notoriety. The two banks of the Seine each have distinct personalities: the spacious boulevards and formal buildings of the Rive Droite [right bank] to the north and the cultural and intellectual reputation of the Rive Gauche [left bank] to the south. Both banks contribute to the diversity of this magnificent city. While Paris probably has more familiar landmarks than any other city in the world, it also has an endless amount of enchanting nooks to be discovered.

Watch the video, UNE NUIT PARISIENNE [Paris by Night].



In this faculty-led summer program students will have the opportunity to get a taste of la vie Parisienne. Classes will be offered in a variety disciplines and lecture material is enhanced through excursions and site visits throughout the city. All courses are instructed by USD faculty. With the exception of the French (FREN) courses, all classes are instructed in English.

Courses Offered Professor
ARTV 306: Digital Photography Prof. Duncan McCosker
COMM 325: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 494: L'Amour et Les Amis: Love & Friendship in Modern France
Dr. Jonathan Bowman
FREN 201: Third Semester French Dr. Michele Magnin
HIST 240: Urban History in Paris Dr. Colin Fisher
PHIL 334: Existential Ethics Dr. Larry Hinman
POLS 363: Politics in France Dr. Virgina Lewis

ARTV 306: Digital Photography
Professor: Prof. Duncan McCosker

Pre-requisite: None

This course will explore the rich resources of Paris and its environs through making color photographs. We will work digitally, and make large and descriptive digital prints utilizing the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. We will study photography within the fine art tradition, and will be making pictures on field trips to the Luxembourg Gardens, Pere LaChaise cemetery, and Trocadero. We will see exceptional museum and gallery exhibitions at the Musée d’Orsay, the European Museum of Photography and the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson. We will discuss the great traditions of French photography, from its invention by Daguerre and Niepce to the ground-breaking contributions of Atget and Cartier-Bresson, to the work of contemporary photographers like Sophie Calle.

Additional Information: Fulfills Fine Arts core requirement and fulfills a Visual Arts major/minor requirement.

COMM 325: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 494: L'Amour et Les Amis: Love & Friendship in Modern France
Professor: Dr. Jonathan Bowman

Pre-requisite: None

This class scrutinizes both the universal and regional nature of relationship behaviors, dissecting and challenging students’ own personal conceptions of themselves as relational creatures. Relationships are the most-studied social phenomena, and there is a wide variety of literature (written in English) that looks at relational characteristics of French (and specifically Parisian) culture. Influenced by culture, biology, personal experiences, and our individual character traits, the relationships that we engage in may look very different than the relationships of those around us; the use of France as a comparison text allows for the discussion of deep theory and students’ personal integration in context throughout Paris. Discussion, readings, and reflection will enmesh both similarities and differences found in relational research between the American and French perspectives on friends, romantic partners, family, and more. By the time students have completed this course, they will have acquired a resource-base to understand international differences in how people communicate within close relationships, with an emphasis on Parisian behaviors. Students will also have critically read and understood international communication research and used that text to observe relational patterns that emerge within and between cultures. Field trips to a wide variety of contexts allow for contextualization of each relationship process.

Additional Information: Fulfills upper-division Human Communication requirement in the Communication Studies major. Students can elect to receive credit for either COMM 325 or COMM 494-- students should consult with thier advisor to determine which credit they need.

FREN 201: Third Semester French
Professor: Dr. Michele Magnin

Pre-requisite: FREN 102 or equivalent

The final course of the core language sequence completes the introduction of the basic structures of the language, with increased emphasis on grammatical exactness to further develop communicative proficiency. At this level students are encouraged to participate in community service-learning and/or cultural activities within the French-speaking community. In addition, students in Paris will have the opportunity to speak French in their host families, and will have a more direct experience of French culture than students taking French in San Diego.

Additional Information: Fulfills language 3rd semester competency core requirement.

HIST 240: Urban History in Paris  cancelled for Summer 2014

PHIL 334: Existential Ethics
Professor: Dr. Larry Hinman

Pre-requisite: None

The principal focus of the course is existential ethics, with a particular emphasis on the works of Albert Camus, Jean Paul Sartre, and Simone de Beauvoir. However, no study of French philosophy would be complete without looking at its most influential founding figure, René Descartes, including his classical statement of the mind- body problem and also his statement of systematic doubt in the Meditations. The course will examine a number of specific themes running across these authors: authenticity, bad faith, humanism, ambiguity, gender, seduction, terrorism and violence, and the relationship between personal commitment and political action, particularly as manifest in Marxism. Class visits to major museum may include the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay.

Additional Information: Fulfills Ethics core requirement. Fulfills Philosophy major requirement.

POLS 363: Politics in France cancelled for Summer 2014


Students enrolled in all classes other than French will be able to indicate their housing preferences after admittance to the Summer prorgram. Students may request accommodation in a residence hall, shared studio, or apartment. While students are able to indicate preferences, placement will be based on local availability in Paris. Housing accommodations are a minimum of double occupancy and students will be roomed with other USD program participants.

Students enrolled in a French course will be housed with a French host family.



For a detailed description of program costs please see the Program Cost in the box at the top of this webpage. Click on the link which corresponds to the term you plan to study abroad.



Two optional excursions will be offered for the Paris Arts & Science Summer 2014 program.

Bruges, Belgium $240
  • Spend a Saturday exploring the beauty of Bruges, with transportation, city tour, and lunch included!
Loire Valley $350

  • Overnight in the Loire Valley, renouned for the breathtaking chateaus and lovely rolling hills. Transportation, accommodation, and chateau entrances included as well as a tour of the region either by bike or boat.

This program is currently not accepting applications.