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Useful Forms

  •  Power of Attorney Form- This form can be used to grant a parent or guardian the ability to access a student's USD account and records in the Financial Aid and Registrars Office on behalf of the student while he or she is abroad.

Useful Web Links for Travelers


Safety Abroad US Department of State information
Journey Woman Offers travel safety tips for women


Center for Disease Control Prevention Vaccine information and traveler's health

U.S. Government/Passports

U.S. Department of State Foreign consulates, student visa and passport information
Passports US Dept of State passport information and applications
Passports Express Express service for passports


Eurail Purchase Eurail passes at their official Web site
Hostelling International Inexpensive hostels when traveling virtually anywhere in the world
Rail Europe European tickets and passes

Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates Offers a currency calculator and exchange rate history

General Information

Atlas Provides country maps, details on government, economics, geography, culture, and history
Dorm2Dorm Will pick-up and store your personal belongings while abroad and re-deliver them when you return
Conde Nast Traveler World-wide information for travelers
Study Abroad Student Handbook The Center for Global Education
Weather Channel Forecasts for almost everywhere

International Online News Sources

Argentina -
Austria -
Chile -
France -
Germany -
Ireland -
Italy -
Japan -
Spain -
United Kingdom -

Links to Embassies and Consulates

Argentine Embassy
Argentine Consulate General: Los Angeles
Australian Embassy
Australian Student Visa Information
Australian Consulate General: Los Angeles
Australian Consulate General: San Francisco
Austrian Embassy
Austrian Consulate General: Los Angeles (E-mail Link)
British Embassy
British Visa Information
Chilean Embassy
Chilean Consulate General: Los Angeles (E-mail link)
Costa Rican Embassy
Costa Rican Consulate General: Los Angeles (E-mail link)
French Embassy

French Consulate General: Los Angeles
French Consulate General: San Francisco
German Embassy
German Consulate General: Los Angeles
German Consulate General: San Francisco
Italian Embassy
Italian Consulate General: Los Angeles
Italian Consulate General: San Francisco
Japanese Embassy
Japanese Consulate General: Los Angeles
Japanese Consulate General: San Francisco
Mexican Embassy
Consulate General of Mexico: San Diego
Mexican Student Visa Requirements
Spanish Embassy
Spanish Consulate General: Los Angeles
Spanish Consulate General: San Francisco