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Course Approval/ Transferring Units

Study Abroad Course Approval- Transferring Units

All courses taken through USD International Studies Abroad programs are evaluated through the International Studies Abroad office. Below is a list of approved courses within specific programs that already have been evaluated.

If the course you wish to take is not listed within a program or if the program you wish to attend is not listed, please contact the appropriate International Studies Abroad advisor (for contact information for program-specific courses, see table below) .

Transferring Courses Prior to Departure, While Abroad, or After Return to US

1. Email the course title, description, program name, and syllabus (if available) to the corresponding coordinator:

CoordinatorProgramsEmail Address
Derek BrendelCaribbean (semester and summer)
Latin America (semester and intersession)
Cindy CordovaAfrica (semester and summer)
Asia (semester, intersession and summer)
Bali Intersession
Dubai Intersession
Semester at Sea
SEA Semester
Sundance Intersession
Ali DrosterContinental Europe [excl- Spain] (semester, intersession and summer)
Jessica LuchesiSecond Year
Jenny MilesAustralia (semester and intersession)
England (semester, intersession and summer)
New Zealand

2. The program coordinator will request the syllabus from the host institution.  Once this is received, they will attach the syllabus to a Transfer Evaluation form and send it to the department chair that will be granting credit.

Extra information such as a reading list and/or instruction time may be required.

3. The program coordinator will notify the student via email once the course is evaluated. If the request is approved, the approval will be forwarded to the USD Office of the Registrar.

4. To ensure proper recording of courses on the USD transcript, students should keep the email from the program coordinator stating that the class has been approved. 

NOTE: Completion of these steps does not guarantee course approval. All affiliated courses must meet USD standards. USD credit will not be granted for non-approved courses.

Non-affiliated International Programs

There are over 80 exciting international studies abroad programs offered though the USD International Center. We strive to meet student interest in terms of programs and locations.  

On May 6, 2010, the Academic Senate approved the following change in policy for undergraduate students who choose to participate in an international study abroad program.  This new policy goes into effect this coming fall semester 2011.  The policy reads:

"The University of San Diego (USD) recognizes full academic credit toward an undergraduate degree for students choosing to participate in an international experience when the chosen program is directly affiliated with USD and approved by the International Studies Abroad Committee. Students who wish to take courses in unaffiliated international programs and receive academic credit must obtain advance written approval, for sound academic reasons, at the discretion of their Academic Dean in concert with the Office of International Affairs. USD transfer of credit policies will apply for any such approved course. No academic credit will be transferred without advance written approval as described above. This policy applies to all programs: short-term, semester-long, and year-long programs."

Students who would like to petition for credit will need to contact Jessica Luchesi at .