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First Steps

First Steps...

STEP ONE: RESEARCH PROGRAM OPTIONS - there are over 80 PROGRAMS to choose from.

There are three ways to research your study abroad options:

1. Attend a general information session.

2. Search our programs database by clicking HERE

3. Meet with an international studies abroad advisor - Serra Hall, room 315

Our friendly, well-traveled and knowledgeable international studies abroad advisors are a great resource. They will meet with you to help determine the best program for you and to provide you with more details about the programs that interest you.

It is recommended to spend some time online researching program options and narrowing down your choices prior to making an appointment with an advisor so we can be sure to match you with the appropriate area coordinator/advisor.

 CHECK IN WITH YOUR ACADEMIC ADVISOR - the earlier, the better.

Meeting wtih your academic advisor as you are making decisions about where and when to study abroad is strongly recommended. Your academic advisor will be able to assist you in not only determing the type of courses that you need, but also which term might be best for you to go abroad based on your graduation requirements and current schedule.


As you think about embarking on an exciting international adventure, it will be helpful to talk with your family to share the information you have found and to gain their support. Your family will live through this experience with you and will be interested to hear about the potential international programs that you are considering. There is a "Parents & Family" tab located in the menu on the left. Please encourage them to use this link to gain more information about the program options and logistics of study abroad such as financial aid, housing, visa/passport information, academic information, etc.


USD students who participate in affiliated study abroad programs are eligible to receive financial aid. In addition to USD finanicial aid, there are several outside scholarships that you may be eligible to apply for. The sooner you research these opportunties, the better. Don't wait until the last minute! You can find more information about financing your study abroad adventure in the "Preparing to Go Abroad" tab located in the menu on the left.

GET A PASSPORT - if you have even the slightest thought about going abroad, get one!

If you do not have a passport, apply for one right away. This can be done through your local post office. Depending on the program that you choose, you may need to apply for a student visa later on. You will be given more information about required visas, if applicable, once you have been accepted to a program.