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Alyssa Ong - China Multi City

Alyssa Ong

Name: Alyssa Ong

Major: English and Communication Studies double major

Minor: Asian Studies 

Languages: English and Mandarin Chinese

Study Abroad Program: China Multi-City - History Program (Summer) 2012

International Experience: I studied in China for 3 weeks over the summer. I have gone on trips with family and friends and have  visited countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and Japan. I was born and raised in Singapore and I call it home though San Diego to me is my home away from home.

Why I wanted to be a peer advisor in the Study Abroad Office: As an international student in a US college, I am well aware that many employees and companies are seeking to hire students with a good international perspective, experience and curiosity about the world. I would like to participate in helping other students who have yet experience a memorable and life-changing study abroad program.   The peer advisor program allows me to channel my last 4 years of studying abroad at USD as well as my experience during my studying abroad program in China to help other students.

Best advice for students planning to study abroad: Talk to the locals! It's okay if you don't know the language or know only a bit of it. If you dare to step out of your comfort zone and get to see the country through someone who has actually lived there, you're bound to know more about the culture in comparison to any tourist who has been there before you.