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Kate Failinger - SYE Barcelona

Kate Failinger

Name: Katie Failinger

Major: Communications


Languages: English, Some Spanish and Italian


International Experience: Through USD I did SYE Barcelona and I studied for a semester in Florence, Italy. During my semester in Italy, I traveled to many Western European countries. I have also been to Central America, Egypt and Bhutan through traveling with my family.


I wanted to be a peer advisor: Because I am an avid believer that traveling opens your eyes to the world. There is so much to be seen and discovered and I want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the amazing opportunities offered at USD to be able to experience new cultures. I have a knack for traveling and love sharing my experiences with anyone who asks. 


Best advice: The best advice I can give you prior to study abroad is don't go in with any expectations. Some of the best times I had were spontaneous last minute adventures. One of the trips I was going to go on didn't work out so I rescheduled and went to a country that I new nothing about-- and it was awesome. Try new things, eat locally, and try to immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible!