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Angie Banuelos-Hughes: Beijing, China

Angie Banuelos-Hughes

Name: Angie Banuelos-Hughes

Major: Sociology: Crime, Justice, Law & Society Minors:  Philosophy & Spanish

Languages: English,Spanish & Chinese

International Experience: I studied Culture and Language in Beijing, China, Summer 2012
                                                I taught English in Hunan,China, Summer 2012 

My goal as a peer advisor will be looking forward in sharing my memorable and positive experience with other USD students. believe this is a great opportunity for me to share how my experience allowed me to grow in many areas. It has allowed me to appreciate life and culture difference. I am a stronger individual with enhanced leadership skills, in which I am able to pass onto my family, friends, and peers. Although there were some culture challenges to overcome, my experience was extremely rewarding. Being separated from my family for an entire month for the first time was extremely difficult; however, I believe it was necessary in order to test my beliefs of serving others outside of my community. As for my purpose, promoting a higher education to alleviate poverty and to reduce crime is one of my passions, for I feel it is one of my purposes in life. Being able to utilize my leadership abilities that I have acquired as a USD student to teach local teachers and students in poverty-stricken areas in Hunan, China was an amazing and rewarding experience. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

Best advice for students planning to study abroad: First and foremost, to travel with one of USD's important core values, compassion. As USD students, we serve as ambassadors in promoting diversity, respect and appreciation for cultural differences and social issues. Next, I would recommend to research the visiting city and state or province. Check the weather, pack light, keep a journal, and takes as many pictures as you can. Most important, make your experience a positive and excited one. I would encourage any students that are thinking of studying abroad to simply go for it! It's an opportunity of a life time and one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Best wishes to all that are considering traveling abroad.