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Hannah Wolf - China

Hannah Wolf

Name: Hannah Wolf

Major: International Business with an emphasis on China

Minor: Asian Studies

 Languages: English, Beginner Mandarin


Study Abroad Program: China Multi-City - History Program (Summer) 2012


International Experience: I lived and studied in China for the month of June, 2012, traveling to a total of five cities: Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an, Hongzhou and Shanghai. I have traveled for short periods of time to England, Ireland, and Greece as well as Mexico and Canada.


Why I wanted to be a peer advisor in the Study Abroad Office: As a first generation student study abroad was one of those opportunities I had heard about but didn't think I would ever be able to take advantage of. Being able to travel to the actual locations I was learning about took my education experience to a whole new level. When I first looked into the Study Abroad Program and started my application process, I felt a little overwhelmed by all the information. I was also worried that I would miss out on an opportunity since I didn't know the right questions to ask. I love being able to help other first generation students learn about and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities the Study Abroad Program offers by helping to make the process easier for others who might be in the same position I was once in.


Best advice for students planning to study abroad: Do it! It is one the most rewarding, exciting and wonderful experiences you will have. Remember to be open-minded. No matter how much you prepare, you will not realize just how different from your home country the foreign country is until you are there. Don't try to make the customs and food, etc. fit what you think they should be. Dive in and enjoy all the differences! Make friends, get lost, challenge yourself, be adventurous and most importantly, have fun!