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Nick Shanesy-CEA Rome

Nick Shanesy

Name: Nick Shanesy

Major: International Relations

Languages: Italian (most), Spanish (less), and Arabic (even less)

Study Abroad Program: CEA affiliated program in Rome, Spring 2012.

International Experience: After spending my spring semester in Rome, I spent my summer interning for the Department of State at the US Consulate General in Milan, where I lived with other Italians. While I spent most of my time in Italy, I also visited Bratislava, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Vienna, and Switzerland.

Why I wanted to be a peer advisor in the Study Abroad Office: When I came to college, I always knew I wanted to study abroad, but I didn't quite know exactly where I wanted that to be. The abroad office at USD did such an amazing job at laying out all of my options and was incredibly supportive of my goals. Even when I was in Italy, they were still always willing to help me with issues that came up, and now I hope to be there for students also struggling to identify which program is right for them. I also wanted to convince everyone I know to go abroad--it was by far the most amazing experience that I had at USD!

Best advice for students planning to study abroad: Don't worry so much about what you think you should be doing or studying or planning for. This is probably the only opportunity you'll have to be selfish and live anywhere in the world, so pick the place and the program that feel right for you. And do be a little selfish--take the trip or go the direction that you are interested in, not just what other people want you to do. Above all, enjoy yourself!