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Karina Williams-Oxford


Karina Williams

Name: Karina Williams

Major: Liberal Studies

Languages: English and a little bit of Spanish

Study Abroad Program: St. Clare's Program at Oxford, England Spring 2012

International Experience: I studied and lived in Oxford, England for a semester and while I was there I lived in a large house that was divided up into flats with 50 other international students from all around the world. I also had the opportunity to visit various European countries. While abroad I traveled to Italy, Spain, Belgium, and France. 

Why I wanted to be a peer advisor in the Study Abroad Office:My own personal study abroad experience is one that I have learned so much from and one that I would like to share with other prospective study abroad students. My experience has helped me grow in knowledge and confidence and has also been an experience that has taught me to enjoy the uniqueness of cultures and life. I believe that studying abroad is not only a very special and unique opportunity, but also an important one that all students should at least consider doing. I feel truly passionate about the benefits of studying abroad, I think it is important that students live outside their normal environment and learn and understand other cultures and people around the world. Being apart of the Peer Advising Program is an amazing opportunity to share my own experience and the lessons I've learned as well as help students preparing or thinking about going abroad for themselves.


Best advice for students planning to study abroad: Be open-minded and grasp every opportunity presented to you. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity don't let it pass you by. Take tours and go to museums! You'll be surprised about how interesting and wonderful learning about history can be when you are in the actual places and seeing the actual relics! Talk to locals, they are usually incredibly nice and can fill you in on the secret beauties of their country. Try the local food, never say you don't like something before you try it! Go on trips, this is the time to travel around to other countries, an opportunity that you won't have when you land back home. Have fun, don't let a bad day keep you inside, discover the adventure in front of you!