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Chelsea Healey- Rome

Chelsea Healey

Name: Chelsea Healey


Major: Business Administration with a Minor in Philosophy


Languages: English, but have studied Italian and Spanish


Study Abroad Program: CEA: Global Center Rome, Italy and John Cabot University in Rome, Italy for the Fall 2011 semester.


International Experience: I studied and lived in Rome, Italy for a semester. I have traveled to a total of nine countries: England, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Aruba, and the Bahamas.


Why I wanted to be a peer advisor in the Study Abroad Office: To begin, studying abroad in Italy provided me with quality life experiences and unforgettable memories. While living in San Diego is wonderful, I found myself constantly reminiscing about my worldly experience. I wanted to help students be able to study abroad and broaden their horizons, much like I did. I remember going into the study abroad office countless times with numerous questions, and I wanted to play that supportive role for someone else. Studying abroad is something I am truly passionate about. I strongly believe every student at USD should study abroad at least once, and I wanted to be a part of the process that encourages students to do so.


Best advice for students planning to study abroad: Try and eat all kinds of food and desserts, and eat as much as you can. Get out of your comfort zone. Immerse yourself in the culture. Avoid tourist areas. Travel and see as many places as possible. RyanAir is the best place to find cheap flights. Bus2Alps gives the best tours in all of the desirable travel locations. Get to know the locals. If the main language isn't English, try your best to communicate with those around you they'll appreciate the effort. Have fun while staying safe. Document everything  you'll want to be able to reminisce about the little things. Take your classes abroad seriously. Enjoy every minute it'll fly by!