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Ana Vuko- St. Clare's & Oxford

Ana Vuko

Name: Ana Vuko


Major: History, Theatre Arts Minor


Languages: English


Study Abroad Program: Blackfriars Scholar Program at Oxford University and St. Clare's, Oxford Liberal Arts Program in the Spring of 2012.


International Experience: I studied and lived in Oxford, England for a semester. I had the honor of one of two students from USD to partake in the Blackfriars Scholar program at the Blackfriars Permanent Academic Hall at Oxford University.


Why I wanted to be a peer advisor in the Study Abroad Office: My decision to go abroad was spare of the moment, but it could not have been a better choice for me. Not only does studying abroad provide chances to meet people from around the world, but it presents that opportunity to learn more about yourself. A former participant can best articulate what makes the Blackfriars program special and I wanted to get the chance to do this. I wanted to get the chance to encourage other academically curious students to partake in this program that has done so much for me  as a person and student.


Best advice for students planning to study abroad: Take chances and see where they take you. Going abroad permits you to experience things that cannot be found else where. Also, make sure you go to class. Some of my fondest memories are related conversations I had with my professors and I still keep in touch with some of them.