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Miranda Denny- Semester at Sea

Miranda Denny

Name: Miranda Denny

Major: Accounting

Minor: Asian Studies

Languages: English, small amount of Japanese, small amount of Spanish

Study Abroad Program: Semester at Sea Spring 2012

International Experience: I circumnavigated around the world on a ship(not a boat) and took classes on board a ship while having trips relating to those classes when we visited the countries. I went to 11 countries on this trip and I have been to Mexico a few times.

Why I wanted to be a peer advisor in the study abroad office: I really wanted to help others with just going through the process, and be able to make the experience of traveling abroad more manageable to students both financially and mentally. I want to assist them if they do have issues or anxiety about finally being able to go on this trip.

Best Advice for studying Abroad: BE FLEXIBLE! Not all countries flow like americans do with time. Don't plan a set schedule for everything because it will not always go as planned. Also make lots of friends and contacts and try to converse with people as much as you can.

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