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Beau Seguin-Semester at Sea & London, Summer

Beau Seguin

Name: Beau Seguin

Major: Communications / English Minor

Languages: English, Intermediate Proficiency in Spanish 

Study Abroad Program: London Summer Session at Queen Mary Summer 2011, Semester at Sea Fall 2011

International Experience: I have backpacked 23 countries in Europe, studied on a ship stopping in 13 counties around the world, built homes along with other service work in Central and Southern Africa, and traveled the entirety of the west coast of Australia. I have spent over 18 months of my life abroad visiting 5 continents and 46 countries in total.

Why I wanted to be a peer advisor in the study abroad office.

The greatest experiences of my life have occurred while traveling. I also owe the most learning and developmental time periods of my life to traveling abroad. There is a magical feeling that occurs diving into another culture, different lifestyle, and alternative mindset. Experiencing different cultures first hand has had a humbling and insightful impact on my ideology. I hope to make a career in the outdoor travel industry and this is a great place to begin.

Best advice for students planning to study abroad.

Leave everything you have behind. Not just in a physical sense but mentally and aesthetically. When you travel your ideology is challenged and having an ethnocentric attitude will detract from your experience. Be a blank slate and learn the customs from place to place, eat the local cuisine at every hole-in-the-wall, celebrate the country your in, travel both alone and with friends, and travel like the world is your home.