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Safety Abroad

Safety Abroad

The University of San Diego considers the safety of its students to be of top priority.  Regardless of whether a student is traveling to a small town or a large metropolitan city, the fact remains the he/she is not a local citizen and will most likely be recognized as a foreigner. As in any "tourist culture", it is important that students remain aware of their surroundings, use good judgment and take the following simple precautions:

  • Do not go out alone at night
  • Protect personal documents and keep a copy of them at home with friends or relatives
  • Know how to ask for emergency or medical help
  • When traveling, always carry the phone number and address of the hotel in which you are staying and leave your itinerary with the program director at your study site
  • Keep family and friends at home informed about travel plans
  • Do not yell, curse, or speak loudly in public places (especially not in English)
  • Do not drink alcohol in excess or use drugs
  • Do not confront locals
  • Walk away from confrontational people (local and/or tourists)
  • Always stay away from physical confrontations
  • Call for taxis (safer), rather that hailing one off the street (risky)
  • Always sit in the back seat of a taxi
  • When in doubt, watch the locals for appropriate behavior
  • Fold bills individually for easy access to smaller denominations
  • Avoid taking out large amounts of cash in public
    Do not keep wallet in back-pocket in large crowds
  • Know where you are going before leaving
  • Try not to open a large map in public. Instead, fold maps so that the section needed is facing out.
  • When alone, walk with purpose
  • Avoid looking people in the eye and smiling, especially in big cities (this is an American custom that is hard to change)
  • And most important...USE GOOD COMMON SENSE!

Below are links to useful tips and resources that we encourage all participants/participant family members to visit.

Useful Links

USD Safety & Security Policy

International Medical Insurance

US Department of State Travel Warnings & Consular Information

Tips for a Safe Trip Abroad US Department of State

Information on Study Abroad/Travel US Department of State

Study Abroad Student Handbook The Center for Global Education

Information regarding Avian Flu

USD Office of Public Safety 24 Hour Emergency Hotline
*To be used only in the event of an emergency