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Financial Aid


 USD Financial Aid Policy for International Studies Abroad Programs

The USD International Studies Abroad programs listed on this web site are regarded as extensions of the University's academic curriculum. Financial aid, therefore, is available to eligible students for one semester of approved study abroad in a USD-affiliated program. A financial aid counselor can help those students who wish to study at a USD-affiliated program for a full year to determine how much of their total award may be used to cover the additional costs (USD-funded aid is not available for a second semester). USD financial aid for summer and Intersession programs is available only in the form of loans; however the USD International Studies Abroad Office does offer limited scholarships for summer and intersession programs.

 Often, financial aid applications are due before the application to the study abroad programs. Students should therefore plan carefully and submit both applications early. For more information, consult the Office of Financial Aid Services in the One Stop Shop in UC 126 or visit the MySanDiego Portal.

Note: Tuition Remission may not be used for USD-affiliated semester programs.

As stated in the Guide to Financial Aid Consumer Information at USD (for the full document, click here) regarding study abroad opportunities, "A student may utilize financial aid to participate in USD Study Abroad Opportunities. Usually the financial aid package (without employment through the Federal Work-Study Program) can be used for the first semester abroad. Note: USD Scholarship or Grant funds must be reduced in conjunction with Cal Grants if the total of the two funds received exceed tuition charges. Neither of these sources can be used for room and board for a study abroad semester. USD financial aid funds are limited to one semester abroad during the course of the student's academic program (Note: USD financial aid cannot be used for enrollment at non-USD Study Abroad Programs). Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Pell Grants, minimum Federal SEOG for Federal Pell recipients, Cal Grants, Subsidized Federal Stafford, Unsubsidized Federal Stafford and Federal PLUS Loans are not limited to one semester abroad. Usually, outside scholarships may be used for study abroad. A student who wishes to participate in a USD Study Abroad Opportunity must plan well in advance, by gaining acceptance to participate in a USD Sponsored (Affiliated or Exchange) Study Abroad Program, being sure the Office of Financial Aid Services is informed of his/her intention, and insuring that sufficient funding is available to meet necessary expenses.

  • Contact the USD Student Accounts Office for questions regarding any refunds. Although it is not required, a student may designate a Power-of-Attorney to endorse checks and authorize fund transfers. The Power-of-Attorney cannot be a university employee, but more appropriately a parent or relative. If it is the student's first year to apply for a Stafford loan, the student is responsible for completing Entrance Loan Counseling ( before leaving San Diego" (p. 19).

    Financial Aid and Scholarship Refunds (E-Refund)

    If a student receives financial aid or scholarships that are above and beyond the cost of tuition ($18,475) and the additional program fees associated with their particular study abroad program, it is necessary that a student completes the "E-Refund" process by logging into the "MySanDiego" portal. Please note that the student has this login information and will need to complete this process (if applicable) or share the login information with you. Below are instructions:

    1. Go to the MySanDiego Portal and login
    2. Click on the "One Stop Services" tab
    3. In the "My Student Account" section, click "View My Account," which will take you to the CASHNet site.
    4. Follow the instructions in the "E-Refund" sectiion

    Important Forms

    FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
    This is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. For this reason, personal student information may not be shared with friends, family, other offices at USD, or the host institution without legal permission from the student (applicable if student is 18 or older). Visit the
    USD Registrar FERPA website.

    Power of Attorney Form
    The USD Study Abroad Power of Attorney Form is not required though is highly recommended for study abroad students. This form allows a specified agent to discuss the student's: record, financial aid, and account information. This power of attorney is for a limited time only and is valid for the duration of the student's travel abroad. Upon return, the policy becomes null and void. Once completed, this form must be notarized, thereby become legally binding.

    Important Phone Numbers

    To Ask:

    If the FAFSA has been processed..(319)337-5665
    About your Cal Grant...(888)224-7268
    About General Federal Aid Information...(800)730-8913
    About Selective Service Status...(847)688-6888
    About EDFUND Loans...(888)294-0105
    About loans guaranteed through USA Group/Sallie Mae... (888)272-5543
    About loans sold to ACS...(800)835-4611
    About loans sold to Sallie Mae...(888)272-5543
    Federal Loan Ombudsman...(877)557-2575
    State Loan Ombudsman...(916)526-8024

    To Request:

    Duplicate Student Aid Report...(319)337-5665
    To Add a School to Student Aid Report...(319)337-5665
    Free Copy of Tax Information...(800)829-1040